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My Projects

Flagship Project: The Business Traveler 


During the scoping meeting with key stakeholders and SME, the needs analysis was performed. It was found that Company XYZ will begin new international travel requirements for their employees. The need is for all employees to be prepared and knowledgeable about the new policies and procedures.

Learner personas were developed as I surveyed what types of learners I am designing instruction for.

Tools: Word, Canva, Survey Monkey, Trello


After gathering necessary information and data, an Instructional Design Document was created. This document identifies the purpose, audience, training time, personalized recommendations, deliverables, learning objectives, and the training outline.

The Instructional Design Document was submitted for approval and edits. After all edits were made and approved, the storyboard was created.

I created a storyboard to organize information, activities, assets, and ensure all KPIs were addressed. Brand colors were incorporated and assets were acquired.

Tools: Word, Trello, PowerPoint, Miro



The ILT & VLT, Instructional Video, and eLearning course are all ready to implement.


The client can choose from their choice of LMS to distribute the course.

A live webinar featuring a Q & A session was also recommended because of the company's needs. 



Learners will be evaluated and that data will be used to ensure that all KPIs are met. 

I also created a end-of-course survey for the learner to complete. This survey will help in the development of future iterations.

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